About Us

Alpha Precision, Inc., is a privately held business located just outside Chicago, IL. We are large enough to compete in the global MEMS market, but small enough to be exceptionally responsive to our customers’ needs.  Based on customer surveys, our Customer Satisfaction levels are outstanding,  with Customer Scorecards consistently rating us Best in Class.

What our customers say. . .

Alpha Precision represents what all suppliers should be and should attain to be. That is excellent support, great quality product, superior customer service, reliable and always a pleasure to work with!

Good provider, long term relation. Tremendous customer service!

 Company History







Company is founded as Photo Instrument Tooling, Inc., focusing on design and fabrication of specialty camera equipment for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Photo Instrument Tooling pioneers ultrasonic drilling and machining of glass and ceramic substrates for the semiconductor pressure sensor industry.

Photo Instrument Tooling expands product line to include manufacture of prismatic lenses and colored filters for airport lighting systems.

Photo Instrument Tooling changes name to Alpha Precision, Inc., to better reflect its commitment to and alignment with technology-based markets including Automotive, Communications, Consumer, Optical, Fluidic, MEMS, NANO and Biomedical.

Alpha Precision invests in technology and equipment to expand its capacity and capability for the machining of glass and brittle substrates to include smaller holes, vias, cavities and other shapes.